After you've uploaded the Tasty Recipe plugin to your site, the next step is navigating to the Tasty Recipes plugin settings.

Log into your WordPress dashboard. Navigate to Settings > Tasty Recipes.

From here you'll see several options in the navigation panel at the top of the page. In this support article, we're going to focus on the Design tab.

Design Tab

From the Design tab, easily select the Tasty Recipe card template you would like to use. You can preview each of the recipe card templates by scrolling through the card selections in the preview.

Here, you can easily customize things like:

  • the color of your recipe text

  • the background color of your recipe card

  • button colors

  • your social share footer - the ability to link to a social platform is only available on the Fresh and Bold templates.

The design tab will give you a pretty good idea of how your recipe card will look, but I would recommend setting up a post with a recipe card to preview it on the front end of your site. There the styles that are inherited from your theme will also be applied to the recipe card.

Next up: Check out this article about how to add your first recipe to a post: How do I add a Tasty Recipe to my post?

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