We've made a quick video walkthrough of how to get started with unit conversions.

unit conversion example from Pinch of Yum

Enabling unit conversions with Tasty Recipes is as easy as flipping a switch. No other configuration or setup is required. From the WordPress admin, navigate to Settings > Tasty Recipes. From there you'll find the option to enable unit conversion in the Settings tab.

A few things to note:

  • The unit conversions toggle will only appear on new recipes or recipe cards that you’ve updated since enabling the feature. Once you're comfortable with the conversion feature you can automagically enable it on all of your recipes — aka the cron job. Until then, we wanted you to have more control over where this new feature appears.

    Here's how to enable unit conversion for all of your existing recipes. Keep in mind, it may take some time for all of your recipes to be processed.

  • The Tasty Recipes converter has been built to automatically detect whether an ingredient is liquid or dry, to ensure the conversions from cups to grams or cups to milliliters are accurate.

  • By design, teaspoons and tablespoons will not be converted. In our research, we found these units were used universally.

  • If you receive an error message (see screenshot below), send us a link to the post and we’ll do our best to resolve the issue quickly. This error message will only appear in the admin, so everything will still look great for your readers.

Need to disable unit conversion on a single recipe? Check out this support document: How to disable unit conversion on a single recipe

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