Sometimes, your plugins page may request you to enter a valid license key even though your current license key is still active. There is a simple fix!

  1. Go to your plugins page, then click the "Remove license" button on the line for your Tasty plugin producing the error message.

  2. Once you've removed the license key, save the changes.

  3. Then, try adding your license again. Here's how to remove your license key, if you're unsure.

After that, try clearing your cache in 2 different places.

  1. Clear your WordPress Dashboard cache. Not sure where to start? WP Beginner can get you started!

  2. Clear your web browser cache.

There may be a small, transient delay of time between reapplying the license key and when the system acknowledges it. Sometimes, it's instant but other times, it may take a couple of hours.

Recently change your site's URL? Make sure you update your license key to reflect the domain URL change, otherwise you'll continue to receive the error message.

If after trying these suggestions, please reach out to us for additional assistance. 🙂

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