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Tasty Pins requires some very simple set up and then it just works! The magic happens in your posts, where you can add extra information to your images to help your content stand out on Pinterest.

Tasty Pins Settings Tab

In the Tasty Pins settings, you’ll find everything you need to set the style and placement of your Pinterest hover button. Quickly and easily limit where your hover buttons appear with the minimum width and height settings.

Tasty Pins hover button lets you select from 3 choices:

  • Custom hover button allows for more options, including shape and placement, which we’ll cover in a few.

  • Default is your most basic pinit button.

  • Off disables all Tasty Pins pinit buttons. Great when you want to use the functionality, but perhaps have conflicts with other social plugins on your site.

So let’s assume you’ve decided to go with the custom hover button. From there you can select the hover button position and hover button shape.

Image overlay shadow: Turn on or off a slightly darker image overlay that appears when visitors hover over a pinnable image.

Custom button label: Add up to 20 characters of custom text to your pin button.

Minimum image width and height: disable pinning for smaller images on your site, like logos, post thumbnails and profile pictures. Keep in mind every theme is a little different and if this feature isn’t working for you, please reach out to support so we can try to troubleshoot the issue.

Post Settings

Individual Image Settings

For each image in your post, Tasty Pins enables you to set a Pinterest Title and Description for your images, separate from the alt text. This means that you can use your alt text for what it's intended - describing the image for screen readers and search results - while still providing an optimized description for Pinterest.

Pinterest Title: Pinterest is still in the process of rolling out support for Pinterest titles. Tasty Pins is optimized for compatibility with Pinterest titles in the future and to provide compatibility with current features in Tailwind.

Learn more: Pinterest Titles

Pinterest Text: The Pinterest text field sets the text that appears below a pin on Pinterest. The Pinterest text should entice the Pinterest user to click the image and visit your website.

Learn more: Adding Pinterest Text to your images and Writing great Pinterest descriptions

Repin ID: With Tasty Pins, you can add a Repin ID to your images to help boost the number of repins for images already on Pinterest.

Learn more: Pinterest Repins and how to make them work for you.

Disable Pinning: Pinterest recommends a vertical 2:3 image ratio for pins, so this is a great opportunity to disable those horizontal images or other images that may not be ideal for Pinterest.

Hidden Image Settings

Some images are great for Pinterest, but they don't look that great on your site. Add these as hidden images to your page and they'll appear as an option when readers go to save your content to Pinterest using a multi select pin tool, including the Tailwind or Pinterest browser extensions.

Force-pin: the hidden image will be used and other post images disabled for pinning, when it's saved to Pinterest using a Tasty Pins hover button or using a multi select pin tool, including the Tailwind or Pinterest browser extensions.

Learn more about adding hidden images and force-pinning hidden images.

Default pin titles and descriptions: These are the titles and descriptions used for any image that does not already have a title or description set. It’s a real timesaver if all of your post images have the same information, you can just set here one time and not worry about the rest.

So that’s a wrap on Tasty Pins! If you have any other questions, please reach out to our support team for help.

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