After you've uploaded the Tasty Recipe plugin to your site, the next step is navigating to the plugin settings. 

Log into your WordPress dashboard. Then, navigate to Settings > Tasty Recipes.

From your WordPress dashboard, go to Settings and click on Tasty Recipes.

From here, you'll see several options in the navigation panel at the top of the page:

In the Settings, there are 4 tabs available: Design, Settings, Converters, and About.

Design Tab

From the 'Design' tab, easily select the Tasty Recipe card template you would like to use. You can preview each of the recipe card templates in this article:
What do the recipe card templates look like?

Inside the Tasty Recipes Design tab, you can select your card design on the right side above the preview for the card.

Here, you can easily customize things like:

  • the color of your recipe text

  • the background color of your recipe card

  • your social share footer - the ability to link to a social platform is only available on the Fresh and Bold templates.

  • Nutrifox customers can choose how to display their nutritional data!

Watch the video below to see the customizer in action!

Settings Tab

Quick links

From the 'Quick links' dropdown, you'll find several options for disabling or adding links to the top of your recipe posts. 

Inside the Settings tab, you have an option to show

You can find more information on Quick Links here:
How do I activate the Jump/Print Recipe buttons?

You can personalize which buttons show in the recipe card for the Bold and Fresh templates.

The recipe card buttons allow you to choose up to 2 buttons to put in your recipe card.

Unit Conversion

Your readers come from all over the globe, right? As of the Tasty Recipes 3.3.0 release, your ingredients can convert from US imperial measurements to Metric (and vice-versa!) on new posts.

With Tasty Recipes 3.6.0, we provided an update to include these buttons globally on all Tasty Recipe posts. No more manually updating your older recipes to get those buttons on there!

  • Options in the Settings Tab:

    Unit Conversion buttons set to

  • Unit Conversion buttons in the recipe card:

    Inside of the Tasty Recipes card, there is a label of


Your readers may need larger versions of your dish for parties, or maybe they have large families! Your readers can scale up to suit their needs with the scaling feature!

Scaling set to

Alternatively, if you have readers requesting smaller options, you can apply the filter to use 1/2x, 1x, and 2x buttons instead.

Copy To Clipboard

In the Settings tab,

This option turns on a button that allows readers to copy ingredients to the clipboard to add to their shopping lists.

Inside the recipe card, there is a copy icon next to the Ingredients header.

Default author link 

This is where you can set a default link to a bio page about the author. The Default Author link applies to all recipe cards unless overrides are set in the individual recipe cards.

More information on how to enable this feature and override it when needed (guest posts, multiple authors, etc.) can be found in this article:
How do I use the Author Link functionality?

ShareASale Affiliate ID

The affiliate program allows you to earn commission by recommending WP Tasty to your readers and followers. When a visitor to your site clicks on the affiliate link to WP Tasty and signs up, you receive a 30% commission. You also receive a 30% commission for every month they remain a paying member of WP Tasty.

Note: Adding in your affiliate ID will populate the following call-to-action at the bottom of your recipe cards:

For more information on the affiliate program, including how to get started:
WP Tasty Affiliate Program

If you're already an affiliate, here's how you can find your affiliate ID:
How to find your affiliate ID

Converters Tab

Recipe Converter

In the 'Converters' tab, you'll find the Recipe Converter options for bulk recipe conversions from other recipe plugins. Before you proceed, we highly recommend the following steps to ensure your existing recipe content is preserved:

Inside the

Once you've backed up your database, converted a few recipes, and are happy with the results, you're ready to batch! Follow along with the steps outlined in this article for all the details on batch processing recipes: 

How do I convert my recipes in bulk to Tasty Recipes?

If you have tried converting a few recipes and are not happy with the results, please reach out to our support team for help at [email protected]. We're happy to help with the process.

Next up: How do I add a Tasty Recipe to my post?

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