To add a Featured Links block to your post, click the (+) button to add a new block and search for "featured links." Select the "Tasty Links - Featured Links" block.

The block will start with a template that includes a header and a single link selector. Add add a heading for the block and select a link to showcase:

To add more links, click the dashed area at the bottom of the block and select "Featured Link."

Select which link to show, then continue adding as many links as you'd like to feature. 

To add a new section to the block, add a Heading, then more Featured Links below. 

The front-end display will inherit styles from your theme to keep a cohesive look throughout.

To add the affiliate attribution, add your ShareASale ID in the Tasty LinksSettings page. If no affiliate ID is set, no attribution will show.

If you'd like, you can add a featured image to your Tasty Links by going to Tasty Links > All Tasty Links and then editing the link. On the right-hand side, you'll have the option to add a featured image to your Tasty Link!

This is a feature when using WordPress' Gutenberg Blocks Editor. 🙂

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