Tasty Pins offers the ability to convert Pinterest-related information from Social Warfare over to Tasty Pins. 

What happens during conversion?

The converter takes any Pinterest images set in Social Warfare and adds them as Tasty Pins hidden images. The Pinterest text set in the Social Warfare area will be added to the Tasty Pins Default Pinterest Text field. 

The conversion simply copies the Social Warfare Pinterest Image information over to Tasty Pins and leaves the Social Warfare information untouched. That means this is a relatively low-risk maneuver.

Convert Pinterest Data

To convert the Pinterest image information from Social Warfare to Tasty Pins, head on over to your Settings → Media page. If any unconverted Social Warfare data is found, you'll see a message such as the following:

Click the button and leave the page open (and your internet connection alive) until the conversion is finished. Depending on the number of posts you have, this may take a few minutes to complete, though it is generally a rather quick process.

Deactivate Social Warfare

One the conversion is complete, if you no longer have a need for other Social Warfare features you can deactivate the plugin. 

If you plan on continuing to use Social Warfare's other features (but not their Pinterest features), you can still do so. However, there may be one setting that needs to be changed. Navigate to Social Warfare → Advanced and find the "Advanced Pinterest Settings" area. 

Find the toggle for "Add a data-pin-description  to images that do not have one" and switch the toggle to "Off." 

This will ensure that the Tasty Pins default text can be used instead of the Social Warfare Pinterest text.

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