Single links in the Block Editor (Gutenberg editor) can be removed by clicking the link, then clicking the unlink button.

To prevent Tasty Links in other blocks or larger chunks of text in the Block Editor, you'll add HTML comments around the content that you don't want linked. Here's how to do that:

  1. Add a Custom HTML block just before the content you don't want linked (it can be the whole post or just a couple paragraphs).

  2. In that Custom HTML block, add the following: <!-- tasty-links-ignore --> 

  3. Then, add another Custom HTML block just after the content you don't want linked and add the following: <!-- /tasty-links-ignore --> 

Here's how that might look:

This will prevent any content inside the comments from being linked. 

You can add these tags around your entire blog post, around everything but a recipe, or even just around specific keywords.

If you switch your editor from "Visual" to "Text," it's also important to note that simply removing the <span> in the Tasty Links code won't disable the Tasty Link keyword. Make sure you replace the <span> with <!-- tasty-links-ignore --> and <!-- /tasty-links-ignore --> HTML comments as mentioned above.

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