Tasty Pins offers a "Disable Pinning" feature for images inside the content that are added with the WordPress default media library. This allows you to prevent images in the content from showing the Pinterest Save hover button and from being offered as an option in the Pinterest multi-select. 

However, Tasty Pins is only able to add this attribute to images that are inside the post content and that aren't added by another plugin

Other plugins and themes control images that are added to the header, sidebar, footer, homepage, and other areas. Examples of these images are:

  • related posts images
  • social sharing images
  • social network buttons
  • site featured images (see extra info here)
  • in-content images added by another plugin (eg. a recipe plugin from another maker)
  • etc

The image markup for these images is coded directly by the other plugins and themes themselves. Because Tasty Pins isn't able to modify the files for those other plugins and themes, it can't add the data-pin-nopin  attribute to those images. 

If you desire to disable pinning on these images, you'll need to contact the plugin or theme author and request that they add this code to the images that the plugin or theme adds. This is generally a trivial update for theme and plugin authors to make.

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