We've had a few customers report that they noticed a large space in their recipe card above their video. The problem here is likely a video library that's included in your theme or another plugin. To resolve this, try adding the following code snippet to your theme functions.php  file:

 * Include 'fitvidsignore' class on responsive video iframes.
add_filter( 'tasty_recipes_recipe_template_vars', function( $template_vars ){
    if ( false !== stripos( $template_vars['recipe_video_embed'], 'tasty-recipe-responsive-iframe-container' ) ) {
        // First try to inject the class into the existing classes.
        $template_vars['recipe_video_embed'] = preg_replace( '#(<iframe[^>]+class=")([^"]+)#', '$1fitvidsignore $2', $template_vars['recipe_video_embed'], -1, $count );
        // If no replacements were found, then the <iframe> needs a class.
        if ( ! $count ) {
            $template_vars['recipe_video_embed'] = str_replace( '<iframe ', '<iframe class="fitvidsignore" ', $template_vars['recipe_video_embed'] );
    return $template_vars;

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