The Tasty Recipes Video field accepts video URLs from MediaVine, Vimeo, YouTube, and any other oEmbed provider, as well as AdThrive video shortcodes. Simply copy the URL of any video from these providers, detailed below, and paste it into the Video URL field in Tasty Recipes. 

URLs to Use

AdThrive: Use the AdThrive shortcode (embed) that AdThrive provides. The AdThrive plugin must be active on your website.

Mediavine: Log in to the Mediavine dashboard and navigate to the video edit screen. Use the URL for the video edit screen itself (not the video embed code)

YouTube: Use the public URL of any YouTube video.

Vimeo: Use the public URL of any Vimeo video.

Videos in the Post Content

Any videos from the above mentioned providers that are embedded inside the post content will be recognized. Their information will be included in the recipe structured data. 

If the recipe itself has a video embedded inside it, then that video will be used for the structured data instead. Only one video will be marked up in the recipe structured data.

Structured Data

At this point in time, MediaVine provides the most complete video information, which we use to create the recipe video structured data. Our next recommendation is Vimeo, then AdThrive, followed by YouTube. 

It is important to note that YouTube fails to provide required information, so the video structured data will have errors in a structured data test. If YouTube decides to provide this information in the future, Tasty Recipes will automatically include it. 

The required and recommended structured data information can be found on the Google Developer's site

As of July 2018, the structured data included for AdThrive, MediaVine, Vimeo, and YouTube is as follows:

AdThrive: name, description, uploadDate, thumbnailUrl, contentUrl
MediaVine: name, description, uploadDate, thumbnailUrl, contentURL, embed Url, duration
Vimeo: name, description, uploadDate, thumbnailUrl, contentUrl, duration
YouTube: name, thumbnailURL

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