Recipes that were previously converted from another plugin (such as EasyRecipe) to Simple Recipe Pro may have unexpected results when converting to Tasty Recipes. This is because Simple Recipe Pro may have left the old recipe markup in the post, which Tasty Recipes identifies for conversion. 

If you converted a recipe to Simple Recipe Pro in the past, then changed the content of that Simple Recipe Pro recipe (such as adding an image), you may want to follow the steps below to ensure the Simple Recipe Pro recipe is converted properly:

  1. Get a backup of your site (we like to use VaultPress!) and make sure post revisions are turned on just in case (always the first step!). 

  2. Navigate to the post that has a recipe that was previously converted from another recipe plugin to Simple Recipe Pro.

  3. View the "Text" version of the post editor and find the markup for the old recipe. If you we're using EasyRecipe, it'll start with <div class="easyrecipe" and end with <div class="endeasyrecipe" style="display: none;">3.5.3226</div></div> . Make sure you don't miss that second closing </div> ! If you we're using another plugin, it may just be a shortcode, which is easier 🙂

  4. Delete the old markup and replace it with [simple-recipe] 

  5. Save the post. On the front end, nothing should have visibly changed at all.

  6. At the top of the post editor you should now see a notice that says "Simple Recipe Pro recipe detected. Would you like to convert to Tasty Recipes?" Click "Convert" and verify that everything converted correctly.

What if I already converted the recipe to Tasty Recipes?

If you already converted a recipe to Tasty Recipes, but noticed that it didn't convert everything because of old markup, you can follow the steps above and replace the Tasty Recipe shortcode with [simple-recipe] , then do the conversion again. This will restart the conversion process for that recipe and will convert everything from the Simple Recipe Pro recipe properly. 

What if I didn't change any of the content after converting from the old recipe plugin to Simple Recipe Pro?

If you didn't change any of the recipe content after converting from the old recipe plugin to Simple Recipe Pro, you probably don't need to follow the steps above. Just convert the recipe as you normally would

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