The Divi theme is a theme builder that, like most theme builders, fundamentally changes the way content is written to the post. Because of the dramatic changes in WordPress functioning, Tasty Pins may not work as desired.

Customers have reported that the Pinterest Description they set for their images were not used when the image is saved to Pinterest. This is because the Divi theme does not write image attributes included in the media library to the page. This means that any alt text, Pinterest text, or any other image attributes you edit in the media library are excluded from the post. 

Aside from this just being a conflict with Tasty Pins, this is a potential big SEO issue for websites. Divi does provide an alt field for each individual image add, but most bloggers just use the alt field in the media adder. This means that your alt text is not being included for any of your images, which is not great for SEO. 

Because we don't own the Divi theme, we can't make the changes that would fix these issues. However, we recommend that you contact their support and ask them to include both default and custom image attributes when images are added to the post.

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