The Tasty Recipes plugin comes with a POT file to aid in your translation. Navigate to the plugin folder (either a fresh copy downloaded from the WP Tasty website, or on your web server). Open the folder titled languages and save a copy of the file titled tasty-recipes.pot

Depending upon your location, the end of your file may only have two characters on the end (for example, it may look like tasty-recipes-xx.po ). For example, if you speak in Finnish, your file name would look like tasty-recipes-fi.po

If you want to ensure you have the correct location code, please refer to this List of Locales and Their Languages

But what if your language code has more than two characters? Name your new file tasty-recipes-xx_XX.po , where xx  and XX  are the two-letter abbreviations of the language you are translating to. In this instance, if your locale language is Hindi, your code is set to hi_IN , then the filename would be tasty-recipes-hi_IN.po .

Next, open up the .po file you just renamed and complete any translations that you would like to use with the plugin. Save the file.

Upload the .po file to to create a .mo file for your translation. Save the new .mo  file with the name , where xx  and XX  are the two-letter abbreviations of the language you are translating to.

Alternatively, you can use a software such as POEdit to create the translations from the POT file. You will still need to name the resulting files as outlined above.

Connect to your web server via FTP. Navigate to wp-content/languages/plugins (you may need to create this folder) and upload the .po and .mo files. Your plugin should now display your translations wherever you specified them.

Available Translation Files

Some wonderful Tasty Recipes customers have made German, French, Dutch, and Spanish language files available if that is the language you are interested in translating to! We aren't able to provide support for these files, but if you are interested in giving them a shot just let us know.

Alternatively, if you make a language file for your language and you'd like to share, we'd love to have them!

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